My Story (My Recipe)

Rasmussen Family

1 hunky husband

1 sweet wife

Ounce of love

1 son (born 3 months premature, 2 ½ months in NICU, now 12 years old) 4/99

1 diagnosis of bicornuate uterus, 1 laparoscopic surgery to repair (unsuccessful)

1 son (1 diagnosis of incompetent cervix, 1 cervical cerclage, 5 wks hospitalization on bed rest,  born 3 ½ months premature, 3 weeks in the NICU, died from complications of prematurity) 12/00

1 son (1 abdominal cerclage, 3 months bed rest, born 4 months premature, died during the delivery) 9/01

1 friend from high school that volunteered to be a surrogate (gestational carrier)

1 profile at the adoption agency with our best pictures, hoping to get picked to adopt

1st IVF attempt with a gestational carrier (Pregnant! at 8 weeks find out it is an Ectopic Pregnancy) 8/02

2nd IVF attempt with gestational carrier (canceled due to uncooperative ovaries) 11/02

3rd IVF attempt with gestational carrier  (Pregnant!  Hcg numbers look like twins! at 6 weeks Miscarriage) 1/03

1 decision to pursue international adoption 9/02

2 sons (adopted from Ukraine! 16 months old at the time, now 9 years old)) 7/03

1 neighbor girl who heard we had adopted, had just announced to her parents she was pregnant

1 daughter (brought home at birth, 6 weeks later birth mom changed her mind then reconsidered, open adoption finalized later) 9/03

3 years with our new family (3 boys and a girl)

8 embryos in a freezer from our unsuccessful IVF attempts

1 decision to try to find a gestational carrier to give those embryos a chance at life 8/06

1 agency that helped us find a GC, 4 months working with a GC that turned out to be not a good fit

1 lovely mom from Iowa who was a good fit and became our gestational carrier 5/07

2 embryos that survived the thaw and make it to the transfer 10/07

1 excited phone call that says it worked we’re pregnant!, 1 long night a few weeks later with bleeding in the ER, 1 more excited phone call in the morning, everything is OK and its TWINS!

5 months doting on our GC, 1 night admitted early to the hospital, preeclampsia

2 daughters (born 3 months premature , 3 long months in the NICU) 4/08

1 joyful day when both babies  come home,  my husband and I and all 6 of our children were together at last 7/08

Mix the above ingredients.   Add a lot of patience.  Add even more prayers.  Sprinkle tears throughout.  Add a few fights with your husband, a couple with your in-laws and ask God “why ” a million times.  Add a zillion dollars.  Learn how to cope with crisis, learn to let others help you, learn how to grocery shop with 4 kids under 5!  Learn how very different extroverts are from introverts.  Learn that spending 16 months in an orphanage is not good for kids.  Be tickled that your daughter through adoption is also a great soccer player, smile when you accidently mix up your biological  daughter and son’s baby pictures because they look so similar.  Be thankful that there are people so generous that they are willing to help you bring life into the world.  Look at how many lives your family building journey has touched.

When your recipe is complete sit back one day and realize “Look what God got me through, look how I was able to persevere, look how many people helped us!l”  And thank God for your recipe.


9 thoughts on “My Story (My Recipe)”

  1. I don’t think I have ever encountered a recipe like yours. You are amazing for the strength it took to get you your family.

  2. nataliekirby said:

    You are so amazing Cindy. I love your blog.

  3. This is wonderful. Your journey is a true inspiration and shows that there is hope out there.

  4. What an inspiring story. Married 1 year and ttc 4 yrs.male and female infertility.2 ivf with no fertilisation. Will try 1more. Then try donors. Always wanted a large family so good to seeit can be achieved no matter what the odds. Thank you so much for sharing this, i am filled with hope!!

  5. Wow – tough recipe, but what a beautiful result! 🙂

  6. What a wonderful story and a truly unique recipe! 🙂

  7. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award!

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