My goal is to offer support to those dealing with infertility/adoption/infant loss issues.  I want to offer hope and healing to couples who want a family or want to expand their family.

This blog will have daily themes that address different issues with Adoption/Loss/Infertility.  Following will be the format:

Miracle Mondays:  Faith-based support and Christian Infertility Book Reviews

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays:  Facts and Statistics about Adoption/Loss/Infertility

While you Wait Wednesdays:  Weekly tips/activities to help deal with the waiting (2ww, waiting for “the call”, general waiting, dealing with disappointments)

The Thursday Thinker:  A weekly question to ponder/comment on

Financial Fridays: Advice on how much things cost and how to afford them, from infertility medications to adoption.

Also friend me on Facebook Cindy Rasmussen, Author and follow on Twitter@CindyJRasmussen.

Feel free to send any specific question to my e-mail (recipeforafamily@hotmail.com) and I personally will respond.  I would love to hear what you’re dealing with and offer any help I can.



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