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Life is uncertain. One of our preschool teacher’s grown daughters woke up one morning and saw black and spots. She went in to get it checked out and found out she has stage 4 brain cancer. She is in her late 30’s has a 3-year old and 15-month old twins. How can that be? I don’t know if her twins were conceived with “help” or not but either way why would God allow her to have three beautiful children and then allow this to happen? She may never get to see them grow up. They may grow up without a mom. It doesn’t seem right.

I know suffering is a part of life. I know there will be others touched by what this family is going through and I know ultimately God can work the circumstances for good, but it is still sad, it breaks my heart.

Because life is uncertain, what do you think you will do differently to make sure you live each day fully?