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Do you feel like you are all prayed-out? You have gone to God, you have told him your heart’s desire, you have pleaded your cause, you have asked him why He has given you such a strong desire to have children and yet has not yet blessed you. You may feel like his “wait” is turning into a “no”. You may feel if I only prayed longer, more often, more sincere THEN he will listen.

He is listening. He cares deeply about the struggle you are going through. He knows you. He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. But we don’t always know his timing or his reasoning. I prayed fervently for our 2nd son to live (he was born 3 months premature) and yet God took him to be with him in heaven. Were my prayers not strong enough? I don’t believe that. I don’t understand why God allowed him to die but I do believe it was a part of His plan even if I don’t understand it or never do.

Here is a prayer that may help you today. It is about daily strength to handle whatever trials you have in your journey today. Pray it every day.

St. David’s Infertility Prayer
Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings in my life. Help me to remember them as I face the challenges of infertility. I pray that I can surrender myself into your hands. Let me accept the reality of this situation and have the wisdom and courage to take action where I can. Strengthen my body, mind and spirit to endure the trials of infertility. Keep me ever mindful of the needs of others and grant us your peace. Amen.
(Hannah’s Prayer Ministries)