Recipe for a Family

Here is an article from that lists some statistics on ovarian reserve:

1. High age is limiting even with normal FSH.  Original reports demonstrated lower pregnancy rates in women past 40 years of age, no matter their basal FSH level [5]. Even with today’s treatments, successful pregnancies past age 42 are uncommon, and past 45 are rare.

2. High FSH is limiting even with normal age.  The original reports saw a declining pregnancy rate as FSH rose above 20, and no ongoing pregnancies beyond an FSH of 25 IU/L [5,6]. While the assay has since changed and altered these cutoffs, there still tends to be a threshold above which declining performance (egg production and pregnancy rate) is detected, and a higher threshold above which egg production is quite limited, and almost no pregnancies have occurred.

3. Cutoffs for FSH depend on the lab test employed.  Up through the early…

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