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You’ve gotten the call. A birth mom has picked YOU! She met with you and your husband and she wants you to be her daughter’s adoptive parents. You can hardly believe it. You will be a mother after all. You’re aware of the risks but truly believe this will work out. You go shopping, register for baby gifts, you set up the nursery. The day arrives when the birth mom calls to let you know she is in labor. Although it is not you giving birth you are just as excited as you rush to the hospital. When you arrive you find the waiting room and you hold your husband’s hand in anticipation. You wait…and wait…and then a nagging worry settles in. It has been too long. Why hasn’t anyone come to get you. And then, the next face you see is the adoption counselor. Her face looks grim. You know she bears bad news. Grief-filled news. “The birth mom has changed her mind.”

Have you been in a situation like this? Is this one of your fears in considering adoption? What would you say to a friend or family member if you learned they had gone through this?