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I just read a blog from a mom who lost her baby seven weeks ago. Reading what she wrote in real-time was so heartbreaking, so raw. My heart goes out to her. How can I help her know that the pain will subside? That there is hope? That someday she won’t spend every waking moment reviewing what happened and questioning what she could have done different (the answer is nothing). Often there is a lot of support from friends and family the first few weeks after a loss and then they move on, life goes on. But for those experiencing the loss the pain and grief continues.

If you know someone who has experienced a loss make a conscious effort to talk to them about their loss later, after 3 weeks, after 6 weeks, after a few months. Remind them you care and are there if they need to talk.

If you are going through a loss seek support from others, especially after the first wave of support wears off. Call your friends, talk to a pastor at church, visit a counselor. Getting a new perspective not clouded by grief can help you through this time.

I continue to pray for all the stories I come across in my blogging. If you’ve been on my site, consider yourself prayed for!