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For the past two years I have been working on writing a book about how our family came together.  Recipe for a Family: A Handful of Preemies, a Couple of Orphans and the Baby Next Door is the inspirational true story of how we went from the multiple losses of miscarriage, stillbirth and the death of our three-week-old son to the multiple blessings of becoming a mom through birth, domestic adoption, international adoption and IVF surrogacy. My goal is to offer hope to those struggling in their family building journeys and show them there is more than one way to become a parent. Because of my experiences I can meet them in their grief and help them through the process, praying for them along the way.

Last week I went to a writer’s conference to learn all I could about the publishing industry and to pitch my book. The trip was a wonderful experience. I took workshops on writing, learned about publishing, met with agents and had dinner with editors. I came away with TWO publishers that requested to see the book proposal. So this is an exciting time.

To find out more about my writing projects or if you know others dealing with infertility, pregnancy complications/loss or adoption refer them to: Facebook author page and you can follow my blogs: www.BarrenToBonkers.wordpress.com  and www.RecipeForAFamily.wordpress.com.

I will be updating this blog as well with more articles, helpful tips and encouraging words so keep coming back!