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This may be a new term for you. You may not even know you have “it”. It simply means you were able to have your first baby without any medical interventions but now you are unable to conceive or carry a baby to term. Thus the term secondary infertility. Getting information about this was helpful for me since we had one son (although he was not carried to term but survived) but were unable to carry more babies to term.

If couples choose to be parents, most often they choose to have more than one child (although not always). If you have one child and are having difficulty having your second then it may be time to seek medical help. It is also important to deal with the emotions that go along with secondary infertility. You can be extremely grateful for having one baby and still struggle with the emotional roller coaster of trying to have a second. That is normal!

For more information read this article from RESOLVE.

Secondary Infertility