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If you have set some time aside this Wednesday to talk with your spouse take a few moments to walk in their shoes. I know I was always anxious to rattle off my latest let down or how sad I was to see THREE pregnant gals at Target, but I rarely sought out my husband and asked how he was handling everything. So today ask your spouse how he/she is doing. Let them talk. Let them express their honest opinions. See if you are on the same page or are experiencing things quite differently.  Try not to be judgemental or offer your expertise.  Then use what he/she said as a starting block for a conversation next Wednesday…
“I know you said last week that you really don’t want to consider adoption.  Is there a time in the future we could revisit that decision?” or

“I remeber last week you said you were really worried abou the cost of infertility treatments.  I am too.  I took some time this past week and talked to our insurance company to find out what the costs would be.  This is what I found…”

While you are going through the pain of infertility remember the other people it is affecting as well.  Sometimes feeling like you are helping someone else can give you a little boost in this time when everything seems unfair.