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“A delay is not a denial from God.” -Rick Warren

Sometimes I wish God spoke to us in dreams like he did in Bible times. (Unless, of course, there was bad news predicted!) But how much easier it would be if God told us, as he did to Sarah in Genesis that at this time next year you will give birth to a son. Wouldn’t that take a lot of pressure off? The worry? Even if it was two years, but we knew it would happen we could prepare ourselves for the long wait.

My point is, it is not always the waiting or delay that is hard, but the uncertainty of the ending. If we truly believe that God has our best interest at heart, all the time, we would be more patient, more understanding, more content. But we are human. We want what we want. And it is hard to comprehend how losing a baby or never becoming pregnant could be in our best interest. But it is not just about us and our best interest, God is working through our lives to help others and to bring him Glory.

So remember that this time of waiting does not mean you will never be a mother or father. It might mean that but it might not. Either way God has a wonderful plan for your life.