How many of you vowed that this would be the year?  2013 would be the year you get pregnant, deliver a healthy baby or adopt?  Here we are nearing the end of the first month of 2013 and you may be getting anxious because you don’t feel any closer to your goal.  The boost of optimism from the new year is wearing off.

Hang in there folks!  Try not to be discouraged. 

1.  Review your plan and extend it out for the next three years. 

2.  Make a list of plan B, C, D…that way you will know what is next.

3.  Write out all the worse case scenarios and play them out one step further.  Make a plan to handle each scenario and reassure yourself you can handle each one.

4.  Ask yourself, “Have I done everything I think is reasonable to reach my goal today.”  Think about “just for today”. 

5.  Remember you are not alone.  Think of all the other women/men who have the same goal as you that are also feeling discouraged right now.  What would you say to them to make them feel better?  Now write that to yourself.  Hang in there!