Here is a five day series on setting goals for the new year!

Recipe for a Family

You have 5 days to get your New Years Resolutions done
(do I sound like your 8th grade teacher?).  I looked back at a few of mine and saw “Have another baby” at the top a few years in a row.  If this is at the top of your list (or “Have a baby”) then you need a plan to make your dream come true.  This week I will give a few exercises you can do to help you narrow your efforts and focus on what is most important.

Excercise 1:  Make a list of all the ways you could become a parent and add the option of living chid-free:

1.  Conceive naturally and carry baby to term

2.  Conceive with assisted reproduction and carry baby to term

3.  Use third-party reproduction (egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate)

4.  Adopt through domestic adoption

5.  Adopt through international adoption

6.  Adopt through foster-care

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