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I just read this article before Christmas:

Boy’s Christmas wish: Adoption of little brother caught in US-Russia spat

And then saw this today:

Russia parliament passes anti-US adoption bill

Essentially Russia just signed a bill that bans adoptions from Americans.  According to the first article:

On Friday, Russian lawmakers passed a bill that would prohibit Americans from adopting Russian children, and if that bill is signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, it would cast doubt on even those adoptions already in the pipeline.

For John Thomas and his wife, Renee — and very likely hundreds of other expectant American families and Russian children — the latest political shift could mean a delay, a new hurdle or a brick wall.

It sounded like the adoptions that were already in process are up in the air.  There are officials in both countries that will try to make those happen but it is uncertain.  Many parents, like the one in the first article already have a picture of their child or have met them on an earlier trip.  My heart goes out to those families.

Maybe, however this will be a spark for adoption reform across the world.  We have two boys adopted from Ukraine and have experienced the insane international adoption process and so many things need to change.  If I were king of the world I would make it mandatory that babies are placed in adoptive families BEFORE they are 3 months old.  The earlier the better…exponetially.  (We also have a daughter adopted at birth from the U.S.).

I will continue to pray for all the families and children involved in this mess.