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If you are celebrating Christmas get yourself ready now for the family gatherings and holiday parties.  If you have a plan in place you will be less likely to be caught off guard and you won’t have to worry about it.

1.  Is there anyone you and your spouse are ready to disclose your infertility with this season?  If, for example, you want to tell your parents (before the inquisition at the dinner table about grandkids) talk to them before the family dinner.  Call them this week.  Be honest and let them know you can discuss it more when you get together but that you wanted to give them a heads up.  That will give them time to process it before being around a group of family.

2.  Be prepared for others’ pregnancy news.  The holidays are an opportune time to announce these special blessings but be prepared for the emotional effect it may have on you (especially if it’s your cousin Ashley who already has three kids.)

3.  Be prepared to answer questions from casual friends to “When are you two going to have kids?”  It is an innocent question and seems to flow in conversation especially when the conversations about children come up.

4.  If there will be babies at the gatherings or parties decide ahead of time if it is more therapeutic to hold them or decline.  This will differ for each person and situation.  Try to prepare your heart ahead of time.

5.  This is Christmas.  Remember the reason for the season and enjoy yourself!  You can be sad about your infertility AND enjoy the holidays at the same time.  You can.  Let yourself enjoy this glorious time of year.