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If you are beginning to look at the costs of fertility treatments and/or adoption costs it can seem overwhelming.  You can start a Fertility Fund or Adoption Fund to set aside some money in case you need to use it later on.

If you already know that your options involve a high price tag it is never too late to start saving.  Start small and work your way up to something that is doable.

If it turns out you don’t need that money because you get pregnant without assistance and/or with minimal costs or you find a lower cost adoption then you can use the money you saved for baby expenses.

We spend money on things that we think will make us happy.  It doesn’t seem fair that others get pregnant without any costs and it’s not, but get past that.  If you really want this and you know what costs are involved sometimes it is just a matter of saving the money and allocating your resources towards this.  You’d be hard pressed to hear anyone say, “You know we spent over $20,000 to conceive little junior here and he’s allright…but I really wish we would have gotten that boat instead!”

I know most of you are not debating fertility treatments vs expensive toys, some of you may be debating between fertility treatments vs. the mortgage.  But try to put things in perspective.  You may need to reevaluate your whole budget…temporarily, to make this happen.  You can do this!!