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While you are waiting to have a baby, stop waiting…I know sounds silly.  What I mean is don’t wait to live your life.  Having a baby may be the most important thing to you, you may wake up thinking about it, go to bed worrying about it and spend much of the day in and out of daydreams about it but it is not the only part of your life.  Easy to say for a lady with 6 kids?  Well, yes, easier now than then.  Then it was very hard to think of anything else and to “live” but that is one of my biggest regrets.  I wish I would have embraced life more when I only had one child and I wish I would have focused more on being his mom and less on trying to have another.  Can’t go back, can’t do a redo but hopefully others may learn from my mistakes.  If you are struggling to have your first it is different but it is also hard if you already have one and are trying for another.  Try to carve out time to focus on your family building journey but then put it aside and enjoy life to the best of your ability.  It won’t be easy but I think you will have more balance and feel better about your day-to-day living.