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“If your faith was stronger you wouldn’t be struggling so much.”  Have you heard that before?  “If you just trust God you will have your baby soon enough.”  How about that?  These are comments from well-meaning people, maybe even folks from the church, bu they can be hurtful.  The first implies we aren’t faithful enough or we would get our way.  You know that’s not true or everyone would be rich and famous.  The second implies again something we are doing wrong or not enough of as the cause of our infertility.

I don’t believe that God works that way.  Yes he wants us to trust him because only then can he work in us.  But I don’t think he is waiting for us to mess up or doubt and then pushing the date back to when we get pregnant as a punishment.  Think of strong Christian leaders that have had unimaginable things happen to them.  People who you would never say their faith was weak.

Don’t be hard on yourself.  It is difficult to have faith when you are continually disappointed.  It is hard to trust that God will answer your prayers when you know he can answer it with a “yes”, “no” or “wait”.  But continue to believe that he has something great planned for your life.  Until you get a clear  “no” (which can be hard to determine sometimes)  keep hoping, keep trusting, keep believing.