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See, you are stronger than you think!  You survived the Thanksgiving festivities.  You may even have allowed yourself to enjoy them!  Does anyone have any stories to share that would encourage other readers?  Were there times you started to feel anxious (intrusive questions being asked), envious (new niece/nephew), sad (seeing the kids table without your family represented)?  If you started to feel that way were you able to pray about it or distract your thoughts or acknowledged how you felt and move on?  Just being aware of the triggers can help you be prepared and feel more in control, and with infertility there’s often not a lot of things you can control.

Now there is no rest, you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the next holiday.  Get ready for the Christmas cards to arrive in the mail.  This was always hard for me.  Loved seeing my friends and family and their expanding families but it also made me sad.  Reminded me of what I wanted my family to look like.  You may want to collect all the cards and open them once a week instead of opening them as they come.  This might make it easier on you.  As we get closer to the holidays I will reveal more tips that are helpful with this often difficult time of year.

But if you have Thanksgiving stories you’d like to share please do!