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When we talk about waiting we often think about the two-week-wait to find out if you’re pregnant.  But what about those on the adoption track.  Maybe you’re not to the point of waiting to get “the call” or waiting to travel to get you child, maybe you are just starting out and you are waiting to find out if you are approved to adopt.  Maybe you’re waiting to have your home study and you are worried about the “inspection.”  You might be worried if you make enough money, have a big enough house, have something in your past that may make you ineligible.

If you are waiting to be approved to adopt it can be very stressful.  Get as much information as you can before the home study.  Ask lots of questions in your intro meetings and know what the regulations are.  For International Adoption know the country specific guidelines.  The best advice is to be honest and be yourself.

When we had our home study I was terribly nervous.  I was afraid I would say something to really blow it!  But our adoption counselor was easy-going and put us at ease so it was less of an interrogation and more of a conversation about our desire to have another child.

While you are waiting, take time to read other people’s stories of their home study experience and you will be reassured that it’s not so bad!