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How long does it take MOST couples to get pregnant?  (Not your uber-fertile sister-in-law that has 3 kids under 3, but MOST people.)  According to an article by MdicineNet.com:

First of all, rest assured that the odds are definitely with you. About 85 percent of all couples will get pregnant within a year, but it’s also wise to have some realistic expectations. The average time it takes to conceive, for instance, is about six months, and women under 35 should wait until they’ve tried for a year before they consider calling their doctor or a fertility specialist with concerns, says Dr. Stillman.

That being said, if you have been trying more than a year (or more than six months if you are over 35) then don’t hesitate to get help.  These statistics can help you gage your level of concern and to educate others who may want to “help” (Aunt Hildegard that advises “You can’t rush mother nature, just wait it out deary.”)