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We finished up reading Hannah’s Hope last week so for Miracle Monday today I just wanted to share a quick inspiring story.  This past week there have been pregnant women EVERYWHERE!  It has been almost five years since I’ve completed my family and yet, for some reason this last week I got all choked up in the presence of all these pregnant women.  Maybe because it was a tiring week or maybe because I’ve been thinking about my youngest going to Kindergarten next year but the point is that you never really get over infertility.  It gets better, it will someday no longer consume your every thought but it lingers and at times, some unexpected, it will remind you what you went through.

Maybe it is God reminding us of His faithfulness.  Maybe it draws us back to Him, if you are on the other side.  If you are still waiting, seeing all those pregnant women can seem torturous, but God feels your pain.  He is not sending those women across your path to make you feel bad.  Knowing this can help you feel happy for pregnant women instead of bitter.  You never know what they went through to get pregnant, they may have been in your shoes.  So try to put aside sad feelings and focus on the happiness that is coming.