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In the last chapter of Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake she delicately describes what it is like to finally have a child after infertility as well as the emotions that accompany secondary infertility (having difficulty having another child).  She also encourages women who have not yet become mothers or are mothers with children only in heaven.

For those who reach motherhood after many trials she writes:

All moms love and appreciate their kids, but perhaps the wonder and joy of parenthood that comes in the course of time is especially sweet.

I find that to personally be true.  I also could relate to her struggle with secondary infertility.  You don’t want to miss one second of your baby’s early life but if you are also struggling to have your second or you suffer a loss during this time your joy of parenting your firstborn can be robbed.

For those who are not yet moms she writes about redefining motherhood (for the moment):

Motherhood can mean asking God to allow me the joy of passing His love on to future generations, even if I am not technically their mother.

She offers the hope of being a mother figure, mentor, friend to another child in an expression of God’s love.  This may ease your pain while you are waiting.

Jennifer Saake’s book is so enlightening and hopeful.  If you are just joining us make sure you take time to read this wonderful collection of inspirational ways to deal with infertility.  At the end of the book she lists many resources.  If you go to  Hannah’s Prayer Ministries (www.hannah.org) you will find a list of these as well as an opportunity to join their forums.  Talking with others in your shoes or who have gone before you can be so revitalizing for your soul.  I found Hannah’s Hope a wonderful story of God’s grace and hope.