We only have two more chapters before we finish our book study of Hannah’s Hope, by Jennifer Saake.  This week we look at chapter 15, Worshiping While Waiting.  Throughout the book the author has described the Biblical Hannah and her struggle with infertility.  The beginning of the chapter she shares Hannah’s hope when she is told by Eli that she will conceive a child.  She writes:

“Hannah left the temple with peace and renewed hope because she had placed her grief in the hands of her mighty God.”

If you can turn over your grief to God you can worship while you wait.   You can praise God and be true to your feelings.  She later writes:

Was life suddenly free of pain when Hannah learned to worship God in the interludes of life?  If she was like me, the answer is a resounding “Yes! And No!”

Yes in that a huge burden was lifted.  Hannah no longer felt responsible to earn God’s favor for the blessing of a child…No for us both, in that our arms were still empty, our realities unchanged, our wants still very real.

You have to read the poem at the end of the chapter titled “Wait”.   What a touching a real expression of the difficulties that come with infertility.

There is no quick fix for our feelings.  We have to pray that God will help us everyday to deal with the struggles and the sadness.  Turning our grief over to God helps but it takes a daily renewal of His strength.  It is much easier with God’s help.