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In chapter 14 of Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake the author discusses the things churches and church leaders can do to address infertility and infant loss in their congregation.  This is a really great chapter to understand the touch points that may be helping couples and the areas that are a struggle.  Some of the suggestions are:

Mention the issue of infertility in sermons so that people are aware of it.

Make sure hospital visitations are available to people after infant loss/stillbirth.

Make a support group available for infertility and/or infant loss.

She goes on to mention the organization of Sunday School classes and to make sure there is a place for folks that are no longer newly weds but are not yet in the new families group.

I have been trying to figure out how I can help in my church.  When I think about starting an infertility support group I wonder if it should be just for women or for couples?  I wonder if it should be held at the church or would more people come if it was held at a more anonymous location.  Even after going through all these experiences I’m nervous about saying the wrong thing or being insensitive since everyone handles things so differently.  I should just trust God and as the author says, “The key is an attitude of grace.”  I think people pick up on that and can genuinely know when someone is trying to provide comfort.  Many churches do such a wonderful job of this.  Mine was one of them.