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We are almost done reading Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Sakke but there is still so much great information left in this book.  In chapter 13, Anguish and Grief, the author details her own journey and her own experiences with grief, and there were a lot.  You really just need to read the whole chapter to get a feel of where she is coming from.

Having been through quite a few heart breaks myself I cried several times during this chapter.  The most encouraging part was where Jennifer writes:

Grief is not the opposite of faith.  Mourning is not the opposite of hope.  I believe that well-meaning  Christians can try to hurry us out of our mourning because we make them uncomfortable.  The Bible does not say to cheer up the bereaved, but rather to “mourn with those who mourn.”

That’s why these blogs are so important to connect with others who are mourning (or have mourned) and to know it is perfectly fine.  If you are mourning today, I mourn with you, you are in my prayers.