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In Chapter 12 of Hannah’s Hope by Jennifer Saake, she writes about how sometimes the church can add to the heartache of infertility or loss.  Many activities of the church are centered around children and families: Baby dedications, Mother’s Day sermons, Sunday School classes.  It may be hard to find your place in church if you are going through infertility or have recently suffered a loss.  One person wrote in and said, “Last year I was so bewildered to learn that both my husband and I have infertility problems.  Suddenly, I felt like I no longer belonged to the human race.  In my circle of friends and acquaintances I do not know anyone who is going through this.  I cried out before God in prayer, complaining this journey is too hard and lonely.”

Lonely is a word that sums up infertility.

Later in the chapter the author advises that sometimes taking a break from church may be a fine solution.  She gives guidelines to make it purposeful and how to go about it especially if you have a smaller congregation.  I think this is very helpful advice.  She also reminds us, “When your church doesn’t ‘get it’, God is still there.”  Remember that.