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Does the waiting phase of infertility drive you and your spouse batty?  Do you feel like your husband just isn’t as invested as you are?  Does your wife seem consumed with every detail about having a baby?  Are the roles reversed?  Are you in such a hurry to become a mom/dad but your spouse casually says, “It will happen some day.”?

This obviously can be very frustrating.  Remember that you and your spouse are reacting differently to a similar situation.  There are differences in timing, differences in expectations, differences in how each feels and express emotions.  Openness is the best policy.  Share how you are feeling.

There really is no “more patient” in infertility.  Talk about what it is about the current stage that is so frustrating.  Are you worried about your biological clock?  Are you worried about the effect missing work infertility appointments will have on your current job?  Are you not in a hurry because you are not sure you’re ready yet to be a mom/dad?  Ask some of the tough questions and be open to the answers.