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This week we read chapter 10 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake.  The desperation that comes from infertility is felt in the plea, “Lord, I will do anything for a baby!”

Are you at that point now?  Are there some things that go too far?  Are there clear cut answers to every case?  These are the questions addressed in this chapter.

Jennifer suggests that you sit down and look at some of the tough questions even before they are options for you.  She says, “[Our friends], at the very early stages of investigating their options, they listed on paper exactly what they would and would not be willing to attempt in pursuit of children, looking long-range toward worse-case scenarios.”

I think this is an excellent idea.  It is so much easier to discuss when you are not in a heightened emotional state.  She also recommended the book The infertility Companion by Sandra Glahn and William Curter M.D.

Pray about upcoming decisions.  Listen to your heart.  God may give you comfort about one decision now and another later.  He may direct one couple differently than another.  Research the issues so you can make an educated decision that will leave you at peace in the end.