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Chapter 9 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake is titled “Bitterness of Soul”.  The threat of bitterness when dealing with infertility is logical but it can be so harmful.  The author writes,

“I hadn’t intended to let bitterness grow within my heart, but I hadn’t actively prevented it either.  Like a garden that is not weeded, a soul that is not continually refreshed and challenged by the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit becomes ready ground for bitterness to spring forth.”

It is so easy to let anger turn into bitterness so we need to guard our hearts.  If you already feel like you have bitterness it can take a long time to heal.  on page 104 it is gently put,

“God often performs a slow surgery to gently release His children from the snarled fingers of destructive anger and the ugly grasp of bitterness.”

But God cares so much about us that He will help us become bitter to start with and He will help us revive our souls if we are already there.  Be gentle with yourself if you recognize this is one thing you are dealing with.  So many of us have been there.  But also do yourself a favor and admit if this is an issue for you so you can get help.  Through prayer and spending time in the Bible there won’t be room for bitterness.