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Often overlooked in the world of infertility is the decision for couples to decide to live childfree.  If you are at any stage of infertility it is important to read these facts and myths about this decision.  Here are the first few but take time to read the whole article:


Myth: Remaining childfree means remaining just as miserable as we are right now.

Fact: Only part of your current pain is from actual lack of a child. Some of it is part of a grief process you’re in the midst of. Another part is the maddening uncertainty of whether or not you will ever get to be a parent.

Myth: A Childfree life is an empty life.

Fact: Living childfree is empty for the couples who do not find new interests. Childfree people fill their lives with work, hobbies, artistic endeavors, political causes and they also fill them with children! Children involved in organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Scouts, etc.,

Myth: Childfree living is never a choice if you are infertile.

Fact: Certainly for many people, alternatives such as adoption, donor insemination, and in vitro fertilization are preferable. For those couples, childfree living would be the end of the road. For some couples however, those who are forced to re-examine their values, remaining childfree is a good decision. For them it is the next best thing, right after biological parenthood.