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Here are some statistics on Open Adoption:

A 2012 study from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute titled “Openness in Adoption” reports that only 5 percent of today’s adoptions are closed; the remaining 95 percent are open or semi-open adoptions. The study also cites benefits for adopted children who have continued contact with and access to their birth parents after they are adopted.

Contact with birth families allows adopted children to maintain access to medical, genealogical and family histories. Youth in open adoptions also have a better understanding of the meaning of adoption and more active communication about adoption with their adoptive parents.

Adopted teens who had open and semi-open adoptions described a range of benefits including:

  • coming to terms with the reasons for their adoption
  • having physical touchstones to identify where personal traits came from
  • having information that aided in identity formation
  • having positive feelings toward their birth mother
  • appreciating an additional supportive adult relationship

(Source: www.americanadoptions.com)