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From the time you wake up this morning until you go to bed tonight this is what will happen:


  • 16,438 women become pregnant
  • 11,018 women give birth
  • 4,780 women endure a pregnancy loss
  • 8,219 women experience an unplanned pregnancy
  • 1,172 women become pregnant while uninsured
  • 5,479 couples begin to struggle with infertility issues

(American Pregnancy Association)

If you are struggling to become pregnant it may be disheartening to find out that 16,438 other women in America became pregnant today, almost half of which were unplanned (8,219).  But then look at the number of couples that are struggling with infertility issues.  The grand total is 7.3 million (www.resolve.org) but just today 5,479 other women/men like you have reached the one year milestone or found out they have PCOS or got the results of a FSH test.  You are not alone in your struggle.  If you have suffered a loss you are also not alone.  Although as a society we rarely talk about these, 4,780 other women, just today suffered from a pregnancy loss.

However be encouraged by this statistic:  “Approximately 85-90% of infertility cases are treated with drug therapy or surgical procedures.  Fewer than 3% need advanced reproductive therapies like in vitro fertilization (IVF).” (www.asrm.org).

Although you may not be one of the 16,438 TODAY there is great hope that your day is coming AND more importantly that your day to be one of the 11,018 women that give birth each day may be coming.  There also may be a day for you coming not mentioned here, the day you become a parent through adoption may be just around the corner.