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Fridays in June I am going to dedicate time to providing all the info you need on financing your next step.  Maybe it is infertility treatments, surrogacy, or adoption.  The costs are something you probably haven’t budgeted for but now must find a way to make it happen.  You can.  It will not be easy.  There is not “free” money out there but with a combination of cutting costs (maybe drastically for a while), making more money (maybe taking on a second job for a while) and finding grants, aid, and cost sharing programs you can afford your next step.  You have to make it a priority.  You have to put aside the feelings that it’s not fair (it isn’t fair, I know!) and focus your efforts on this next step.  Remember that it is only for a while.

Here is a wonderful website that lists some financial aid and grants available.  I don’t know how competitive these programs are but it might be worth a look.

Grants and Aid for Infertility Treatments

Adoption Financial Aid