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This weekend I heard about a couple who is now expecting in November after a two-year struggle with infertility.  I stopped to think about how long that is.  That’s 24 months of disappointments!  How many of us would get turned down from a job 24 times?  Or ask someone out 24 times?  24 rejection letters?  That’s a lot!  Some of you have been trying even longer.

For us it was 3 years, 3 months with a lot of drama in between.  There is no length of time that is “not hard” so don’t let others tell you “Oh, you’ve only been trying for a year, that’s nothing, it took me and Betty 3 years to have our first.”  These comments aren’t helpful.  Everyone’s journey is different.  Others can’t really relate to your unique situation.  Trust your gut.  You have a right to cry, you have a right to wish this wasn’t happening and you have a right to still hope.

This Wednesday acknowledge how you are feeling in respect to how long you have been waiting.  Don’t compare it to others or think there is a certain way you should feel if you’ve waited “x” long.  But also remember these feelings, as intense as they are now, are just feelings and eventually you will be fine no matter what the outcome.  I didn’t beleive it at the time but it is true.