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In the book, “When the Cradle is Empty”, by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter Chapter 14 is titled, “Are You Ready to Adopt”.  They list six things to help you evaluate if you are ready to pursue adoption:

1.  Be sure you really want and will accept an adopted child.

2.  Be aware of unresolved issues.

3.  Be honest about your motives.

4.  Be prepared for imperfect children.

5.  Be prepared for the expense.

6.  Be prepared for joy! 

Here are a few adoption resources that are listed in this chapter:





When I was considering adoption I was surprised more than once about what was involved: the cost, the time it takes, the kinds of kids available.  I found it helpful to get information about adoption early in our fertility struggle, even when we had other options, so that I could begin to process all that is a part of this complex family system.  Read books, talk to others who have adopted and learn all you can.  We have three children through adoption and each one has a very different story, each one has touched our lives in different ways.

I would encourage you to attend an information meeting at a local Adoption Agency just to get a better idea of what adoption is all about in these days.