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This week in reviewing the book “When the Cradle is Empty” by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter we take a look at Chapter 9: “How Shall We Then Pray”.

John and Sylvia bring up a series of good questions regarding prayer:

1.  “How should we pray?”- They write, “There is no magic formula for prayer, no right or wrong words.  All God requires is a real need, a sincere heart, and a simple faith.”

2.  “Should we pray for healing for our infertility or for submission to God’s will?” – Here they said we should pray for both.  They gave the examples of the Biblical characters of Abraham, Isaac and Zechariah who all prayed for a child.  They wanted to follow God’s will but also let God know how much they longed for a child.  I think we also need to pray for help in letting God work in his own time.  If it is His will that we go through this it is part of His plan.  We may NEVER know why but He does have a plan and we can pray that we can be patient while we wait.

3.  “How can I pray when I’m angry with God?”  I think this is a huge hurdle for people.  I always felt guilty for being angry at God.  When I finally realized that God understands and He knows I’m angry at him whether I tell Him or not it was freeing.  John and Sylvia write: “If you’re angry with God, try bringing your anger to Him.  Tell Him you’re angry with Him and why.  Don’t hold back!  He can take it; you won’t hurt Him.”

4.  “Every infertile couple in the Bible eventually received a baby, so if God answered their prayers, why doesn’t He answer mine?”  Unfortunately “God does not fulfill every desire?  He did not grant His own Son’s request that the awful events of Calvary be prevented.”

5.  “Is it true that in one way or another God answers every prayer?”  You may have heard the analogy before that God answers every prayer with a “Yes”, “No” or “Wait”.  Sometimes that’s helpful and sometimes it hurts, but it is true.  It is not always clear what his answer is.  But be patient and keep praying.  The alternative is much worse.