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This weeks recipe comes from the Olsen Family (names changed for privacy).  Mrs. Olsen writes,  “We didn’t have any trouble having our first child but when we tried for our second it took forever.  Finally we went in to see what was wrong and all the tests have come back normal.  So the doctor says we have unexplained secondary infertility.  The plan is to start using Clomid and go from there.  Our daughter is almost three now and I worry our kids will be spaced too far apart and won’t have the some bond that my sister and I share.  I wish I had more answers.”

Recipe for the Olsen’s:

1 husband (IT systems engineer)

1 wife (yoga instructor, stay-at-home-mom)

9 years of marriage

1 dd born after 7 years of marriage

When daughter was a year old start TTC baby #2

18 months TTC then visit the doctor

2 months testing

Diagnosis of Unexplained Secondry Infertility

Begin Clomid next month

F.I.P. (Fmily In Progress)…

Thank you so much for sharing your story!  Be sure to keep us updated on your journey.  There are no easy answers when it comes to infertility.  But hold on to your hope. 

If you would like to share your Family Recipe send it to me at: recipeforafamily@hotmail.com.  Looking for stories at any stage of the journey.