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This week’s statistics are encouraging:

  • According to National Survey of Family Growth, CDC 1995, approximately 6.1 million women and their partners in the U.S. are affected by infertility, i.e., 10% of the total reproductive-age population.
  • Men and women both are equally affected by infertility.
  • 85% to 90% infertility cases can be treated with regular medical treatments such as medication or surgery.
  • While In some cases, assisted reproduction techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) are used which cost about 0.07% of U.S. health care costs.

These numbers are from 1995 but the treatment rate is about the same or better!  85%-90% are successfully treated!!  That is very hopeful.  And because the % of health care costs is so low, more and more states are requiring insurance coverage for infertility.