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This week I heard from Mrs. Peterson (names are changed for privacy.)  She wrote, “Finding out what was wrong was devastating but also a relief.  If we knew what the problem was then there was hope it could be fixed.  I really did not want to do IVF but I knew that was our only option.”

1 husband

1 wife

2 years TTC

1 day realizing we needed to seek more help

A whole lot of tests

Find out my tubes are blocked

Doctor suggests IVF

4-6 months trying to decide what to do

Decide to try IVF

1st IVF, 14eggs, 12 fertilized, transfer 2

Negative Pregnancy Test

FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), transfer 2, 5d blasts

Pregnant! (currently at week 18, have ultrasound next week to see if it is a boy or girl!!)

Thank you so much for sharing your story!  Be sure to keep us updated on your journey.  If you would like to share your Family Recipe send it to me at: recipeforafamily@hotmail.com.  Looking for stories at any stage of the journey.