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In the 2000 U.S. census the question was posed as to the total number of children of the household and then broken down into adopted, stepchildren and biological.  Here were the total numbers:

Total Children of the Householder

adopted   2,058,915    2.5%

stepchildren     4,384,581     5.2%

biological   77,270,611     92.3%

This adoption figure includes relative adoption (i.e. grandma adopts her grandson) and non-relative (domestic adoption and international adoption).  The numbers have not been broken down here but the non-relative adoptions are quite lower than relative adoptions.

My take on these numbers…there is no “Just Adopt!” in infertility.  Otherwise that number would be so much higher. 

If you are on the adoption path I don’t write this to deter you.  If you work with an agency and jump through all the hoops it can work for you.  But if you’re also feeling overwhelmed by the process or are frustrated by the waiting that is sooooo understandable.  It is hard.

Does anything about these numbers surprise you?