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This week’s feature family is the Wilson’s (names are changed for privacy).  She shared, “I never thought we would have problems having children.  I come from a family of six and my husband has 3 brothers.  It has been a long road but we are so happy to finally have our son.  I’m hoping the next time it won’t be as difficult but I know more what to expect.”

Recipe for a Wilson Family

1 husband (teacher)

1 wife (accountant)

3 years of marriage

16 months TTC

1 work-up both sides

0 reasons why we’re not getting pregnant

1 fun month on Clomid

1 Negative Pregnancy Test

2 more months on Clomid

2 more Negatives

1 month on Clomid with IUI

1 more negative

2nd attempt at IUI with Clomid

1 ecstatic couple!…Positive Test

8 months waiting

1 DS born at 39 weeks!

F.I.P. (Family in Progress, hoping to try for a little brother or sister soon)


What a wonderful story!  Thank you for sharing your journey.  If you would like to share your Family Recipe send it to me at: recipeforafamily@hotmail.com.  Looking for stories at any stage of the journey.