I went to pick-up my daughter from Girl Scouts yesterday and they had painted Valentine T-shirts  They were very cute and had hearts on them with their names painted on the front.  I looked around for my daughter’s and couldn’t find it.  Then I found one with her middle name on it: “Layla” (which is the first name her birth mom picked for her.)  She has been talking about changing her name and has been writing her middle name on her work at school.

A part of me is bothered because I LOVE the name I picked for her (Lexi)but most of me gets that this is probably just a phase.  She is 8 and starting to understand more about her adoption and becoming more independent.  Her birth mom knew we wanted to change her name and she was fine with that so it wasn’t a big deal.  We kept it as her middle name because of the significance. 

I think I will just have to wait this out and see how long she goes on like this.  They are just learning to write in cursive and I must say “Layla” in cursive does look beautiful…but so does “Lexi”.