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On one of the adoption forums a member asked if there were some adoption agencies that specialized in certain kinds of adoption.  There certainly are and some are more open about that than others.  Remember that adoption is not just for people who have infertility.  So the question is are they trying to find the best home for the children they want to place or are they trying to find the best child for the couples they work with.  It is similar and can be accomplished at the same time but different agencies will have different missions.  If you are only interested in adopting a newborn from the U.S. then you want to look for a “Domestic Newborn” program.  Their focus will be to help you connect with a birth mom in the United States.  These agencies may also have an International Program so ask about how many adoptions are completed each year for each of their programs.  This may give you an idea how they are allocating their resources.

We worked with two separate agencies when we did our open adoption and our international adoption.