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On this day, January 19, 11 years ago Jacob was barely hanging on.  He had gained a lot of weight over night which you would think would be a good thing for a preemie but in this case it meant that his kidneys weren’t getting rid of the fluids.  Now his liver was showing signs of failure.  His bilirubin was very high and not because of the jaundice he had earlier on.  Our family took turns coming in to visit and comfort us and throughout the day.  The doctor explained how things had changed overnight and suggested we could try a new E.T. tube to widen the airway, it was a bedside procedure and fairly quick.  They were running out of things to try to turn him around. 

Even with the new E.T. tube Jacob still floundered.  I prayed for his kidneys, I knew if they would just start working again then everything else would start to fall back in place.  I prayed Jacob was under enough medicine that he wasn’t feeling as bad as he looked.  I prayed for my husband, how much longer could he remain so strong for all of us?  I prayed for my Joey, he was too little to know what was going on but he knew his mom and dad were sad.

All the prayers helped us get through the night and to the next day…his 3 week birthday…(to be continued.)