When you are writing your birth parent letter the best advice I got was be yourself.  I wanted to go down to the marina, rent a yacht and take some photos of our family (we had one son at the time) to show the potential birth mom what a fun time we had as a family.  I wanted to convince her that we were the best family and that our son was the center of our universe (but that universe was big enough for our next baby too).  The piece that rang true with me was that if we wanted to adopt a child that was the most similar to us we would want to connect with a birth mom that was the most similar to us and that would be done by being as honest as we could in our birth parent letter.

Another piece of advice was to have a few friends or family members help you write the letter.  “How would you describe me to a friend?”  Or at least have a few people proof read it and ask them “Does this sound like me…or us?”  It’s not a resume it is just a brief story of who you are, so write about who you really are.