Think about it.  What if you applied for your dream job and you got turned down, no reason given so you applied again the next month, same response, a rejection letter in the mail without a reason.  You are determined so you apply again…and again…and again…for 12 months in a row.  Still you do not get the job.  What if you were applying to get into college, or you were proposing to your boyfriend/girlfriend and every time you got rejected?  Would you continue for 12 months…longer? 

Usually a couple is determined to have infertility issues if they have been trying for a year unsuccessfully to have a baby (6 months if the woman is over 35).  That’s 12 months of trying.  12 pregnancy tests that came up negative.  That is a lot for a heart to bear.  That is a lot of disappointment even before a diagnosis.  Think about the tenacity it would take to retake the Bar Exam 12 times. 

Authors often get multiple rejection letters but that is expected, it is part of the business.  But after a certain number of rejection letters the author needs to decide if their book has merit or needs to be changed.  In the same manner most couples probably do not expect to get pregnant on the first try, or maybe even in the first few months, but after 12 months they need to reevaluate what needs to be done and most frustrating is they usually don’t know what needs to be different.

Applaud yourself for your tenacity.  Your endurance.  If you have recently received the diagnosis remember that you have actually been dealing with this for months so be gentle with yourself.  Take the next step with confidence because you already have 12 months (or 6 months) under your belt and you can keep going.