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“A Gift of Hope”  Several years ago the Midwest chapter of RESOLVE had a drawing that offered three people the funding to make their dream of a baby come true.  The winners could choose to apply the money towards infertility treatments or adoption fees whatever it took to bring a baby home.  I did not win.  But all three winners eventually added a baby to their family.  What would you do with your “gift”?  What if money was not an issue?  What would be your next step?  Money and time are the enemies of fertility.  Both are real barriers to making your dreams come true.  Thinking about what you would do if money and time were not an issue can help bring clarity as to what you really want.  Then add in the barriers and try to come up with unique ways of overcoming them.  There are a lot of resources available for financing infertility treatments and adoption.  There are donor options if your age is becoming an issue and your biological clock is making time your biggest enemy.

Hopefully this series of exercises has helped you clarify what your next step should be.  Lay out a plan for the next year and be ready to adjust it as life changes.  God bless you on your journey in 2012!