You have 5 days to get your New Years Resolutions done
(do I sound like your 8th grade teacher?).  I looked back at a few of mine and saw “Have another baby” at the top a few years in a row.  If this is at the top of your list (or “Have a baby”) then you need a plan to make your dream come true.  This week I will give a few exercises you can do to help you narrow your efforts and focus on what is most important.

Excercise 1:  Make a list of all the ways you could become a parent and add the option of living chid-free:

1.  Conceive naturally and carry baby to term

2.  Conceive with assisted reproduction and carry baby to term

3.  Use third-party reproduction (egg donor, sperm donor, surrogate)

4.  Adopt through domestic adoption

5.  Adopt through international adoption

6.  Adopt through foster-care

7.  Choose to live child-free (or without additional children)

Just for today think about each one of these options.  What would that look like in Jan, April, Oct, Dec fo this next year?  What steps would you need to take?  What appointments would you need to make?  What resources would you need?  Then write one positive and one negative aspect of each one.  Now compare those with your spouse and have a friendly discussion.