Tonight I will be getting together with a group of other moms who have adopted from Eastern European countries.  Many of them adopted sibling groups and children over the age of 3.  There is a common bond between us ladies that I had been searching for for years.  I just started meeting with this group in June and it has been tremendously helpful.  There are unique issues with kids that come from orphanges, that suffer early neglect, that have unkonwn health histories.  This group of women is a safe place to share and receive support.  The facilitator is a mother of both bio and adopted kids and has innovative and practical ideas each month to help tackle some the toughest issues.

I think the adoption agency we worked with offered to have us talk with parents who had already adopted but I don’t think I ever called.  It is a good idea to connect with other parents that have gone down the road you are anticipating to find out what may be ahead.  Find out what challenges are most common in the situation you are considering.  You may get mixed messages and everyone’s story is different but there may be some common threads that help you in your decision.